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Zenith DVD Remote Controls
Including DVDR and DVD/VCR Combos

Model NumberRemote
ID Number
Part Number
DM4952N 6711R2N055B 6711R2N055B
DM7912NM 6711R1N104D 6711R1N104D
DP260N 6711R1Z980A 6711R1Z980A
DP4932N 6711R2N068A 6711R2N068A
DP8821NM 6711R2N068A 6711R2N068A
DR2011N N133B 6711R1N133B
DR4812ML 6711R1N168C 6711R1N168C
DT-565M 6711R2N079A 6711R2N079A
DT-587M 6711R2N079A 6711R2N079A
DT-66550M 6711R2N122C 6711R2N122C
DV4511N 6711R1N053A 6711R1N053A
DV4632N 924-10102 6711R2N055A
DV7712NS 6711R1N104A 6711R1N104A
DV7734NDM MBR281 6711R2N071A
DV7832NXS MBR281 6711R2N071A
DV7912NM 6711R1N104A 6711R1N104A
DV7912NS 6711R1N104A 6711R1N104A
DVB216 MBR281 6711R2N071A
DVB216C MBR281 6711R2N071A
DVB251 6711R1N076C 6711R1N076C
DVB312 6711R1N104A 6711R1N104A
DVB313 MBR281 6711R2N071A
DVB317 MBR281 6711R2N071A
DVB318 MBR281 6711R2N071A
DVB352 6711R1N104D 6711R1N104D
DVB412 6711R1P070H 6711R1P070H
DVB413 6711R1P070H 6711R1P070H
DVB418 6711R1P070H 6711R1P070H
DVB611 6711R1P089D 6711R1P089D
DVB612 6711R1N210A 6711R1N210A
DVB712 6711R1N210A 6711R1N210A
DVB812 AKB35840202 AKB35840202
DVC2200 SC222T 6711R2N019C
DVC2200C MBR227T 6711R2N021A
DVC2250 MBR227T 6711R2N021A
DVC2250C MBR227T 6711R2N021A
DVC2515 SC225T 6711R2N019D
DVC2550 MBR229T 6711R2N021C
DVC2550A MBR229T 6711R2N021C
DVC2550C MBR229T 6711R2N021C
DVD-2200D MBR225Z 924-10056
DVD-2250N MBR230Z 6711R2N008A
DVD-3000NC SC222T 6711R2N019C
DVD-3030NC MBR227T 6711R2N021A
DVD2000 924-10024 924-10024
DVD2000D MBR225Z 924-10056
DVD2000N MBR225Z 924-10056
DVD2001 6711R1N053A 6711R1N053A
DVD2001C 6711R1N053A 6711R1N053A
DVD2200 MBR225Z 924-10056
DVD2200C SC220Z 6711R2N010A
DVD2200N SC220Z 6711R2N010A
DVD2201 6711R1N053A 6711R1N053A
DVD2220N MBR225Z 924-10056
DVD2250 MBR225Z 924-10056
DVD2250C MBR225Z 924-10056
DVD230 MBR230Z 6711R2N008A
DVD2381 924-10102 6711R2N055A
DVD2550 MBR229T 6711R2N021C
DVD3130 6711R2N019E 6711R2N019E
DVD3130NC 6711R2N019E 6711R2N019E
DVD3230 6711R2N019E 6711R2N019E
DVD3230ND 6711R2N019E 6711R2N019E
DVD5201 N053H 6711R1N053H
DVD5591 6711R2N055B 6711R2N055B
DVM3830NC SC225T 6711R2N019D
DVM3830ND MBR229T 6711R2N021C
DVP615 6711R1Z980A 6711R1Z980A
DVP7771 6711R2N068A 6711R2N068A
DVP7771C 6711R2N068A 6711R2N068A
DVR313 N133B 6711R1N133B
DVR413 6711R1N168C 6711R1N168C
DVT-721 AKB32213102 AKB32213102
DVT-812 AKB36087610 AKB36087610
DVT216 6710RCAG01B 6710RCAG01B
DVT310 6710RCAL12C 6710RCAL12C
DVT312 6710RCAL12C 6710RCAL12C
DVT316 6710RCAL12D 6710RCAL12D
DVT412 6710CDAL01C 6710CDAL01C
DVT654 6710CDAK01B 6710CDAK01B
DVT723 6710CDAM01E 6710CDAM01E
DVX2205 MBR225Z 924-10056
HC302SD-A6 6710CDAM01E 6710CDAM01E
HDR230 6711R1N130A 6711R1N130A
IQDVD2300 MBR230Z 6711R2N008A
IQDVD2300C MBR230Z 6711R2N008A
KU-17LZ21 SC3LW36D 6710V00122E
L17W36DVD SC3LW36D 6710V00122E
LH-C6237 6710RCAM22A 6710RCAM22A
LH-C6237M 6710RCAM22A 6710RCAM22A
LH-D6230A 6710RCAL12C 6710RCAL12C
LH-D6245A 6710CDAL01C 6710CDAL01C
LH-D6530A 6710RCAL12D 6710RCAL12D
RC59000 N150A 6711R1N150A
RC59000M N150A 6711R1N150A
RC67000M N150B 6711R1N150B
VC643M N112A 6711R1N112A
VC643M N112A 6711RKN112A
VC643MK N112A 6711R1N112A
VC643MK N112A 6711RKN112A
VC693M N112A 6711R1N112A
VC693M N112A 6711RKN112A
VC693MK N112A 6711R1N112A
VC693MK N112A 6711RKN112A
XBR411 N150B 6711R1N150B
XBR413 N150A 6711R1N150A
XBR616 6711R1N211C 6711R1N211C
XBR617 6711R1N211A 6711R1N211A
XBR716 AKB31238704 AKB31238704
XBS245 6711R2N079A 6711R2N079A
XBS341 6710RCAM22A 6710RCAM22A
XBS344 6711R2N122C 6711R2N122C
XBS444 6710RCAM22A 6710RCAM22A
XBS448 6710CDAM01A 6710CDAM01A
XBV234C P042D 6711R1P042D
XBV243 P042D 6711R1P042D
XBV243C P042D 6711R1P042D
XBV323 P065G 6711R1P065G
XBV342 N112A 6711R1N112A
XBV342 N112A 6711RKN112A
XBV343 N112A 6711R1N112A
XBV343 N112A 6711RKN112A
XBV410 6711R1P072D 6711R1P072D
XBV441 6711R1P072D 6711R1P072D
XBV442 6711R1P072D 6711R1P072D
XBV442CP 6711R1P072D 6711R1P072D
XBV443 6711R1P072D 6711R1P072D
XBV443CP 6711R1P072D 6711R1P072D
XBV613 6711R1P081K 6711R1P081K
XBV713 6711R1P081V 6711R1P081V
Z37LZ5D-PK 6710CDAT05S 6710CDAT05S
ZDA-311 6711R1P089D 6711R1P089D
ZDX-313 6711R1P072D 6711R1P072D
ZHD-311 6710CDAT05H 6710CDAT05H
ZHX-313 6710CDAM01A 6710CDAM01A
ZPA-314 6711R1Z980A 6711R1Z980A
ZRY-316 6711R1N189D 6711R1N189D